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  • Stoppen met antidepressiva is gemakkelijker gezegd dan gedaan. Menno Oosterhoff schreef er een column over (1), het tijdschrift Psyfar heeft een overzichtsartikel (2).


    A cure for chronic fatigue syndrome? No. But a study showed that moxibustion relieves chronic fatigue syndrome, which is already very good for this crippling condition.

    Conclusions: Based on limited evidence, moxibustion might be an effective and safe complementary therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome, which can be recommended to manage chronic fatigue syndrome. Because of the limited level of evidence in this review, further high-quality trials are still needed to confirm these findings.

    The "Tiger Warmer" is a very useful tool to use at home. In essence, it is an incense holder, that is used to heat areas on the body. My friend David Euler shows how it can be used in children and adults to treat upper respiratory problems.

    Misverstand 5: Helpt acupunctuur niet alleen bij het stoppen met roken?